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  • hey there! my name is emily and this is my little blog. i am a professional photographer and i so love my job. while i do occasionally use this space for sneak peeks, the heart and soul of this blog is lulu, my spunky, wondrous five-year-old daughter...my muse. my photography portfolio and website can be viewed here. feel free to email me with any questions you might have. and i hope you enjoy!

14 months.

14 months.

7 teeth. 4 top+3 bottom.

current favorite foods:broccoli + peanut butter

still speed crab crawling like a maniac-but now standing without support all the time. and taking a step/two here and there.

napping maybe total of an hour/hour half everyday (ugh.) some days less.

FINALLY does not cry when she goes to the playroom at the YMCA. this is huge!

has started attaching to a lovey-a little blabla doll.

cant get enough of music. dances and claps whenever it is on.

loves a good dance party.

wears size 9-12 months. tiny.

moved out of her infant car seat and into a big girl carseat this past month. big time!
favorite activities: riding in the wagon + swinging at the park + bath time + being worn by her dada in the biorn + taking everything out of the kitchen drawers + taking everything out of the bathroom drawers + taking everything out of any drawer.

knows what she wants and will point and scream until she gets it! we think she sounds like a caveman.

18.2 lbs

perfectly perfect.

wears us out. makes us happy. quadruples the daily joy we feel. cannot imagine life without this baby.

is told 2x a day that she looks like her dada. once a day that she looks like her sister. 0 times a day that she looks like her mama. but who is counting?

she is getting better and better about solo play. i really will never be able to describe how challenging she was that first year. i had to hold her constantly or she would scream. the week after she turned one that started to shift and she continues to get easier and easier. i can actually get a little work done now during the day and let her play around my feet. victory! but leaving the room is still not an option. she needs to be able to see me! sleep still alludes her. some days i am not sure how she survives on so little sleep. then i remember i birthed her-the two of us will forever live in a state of little sleep. zzzz. it really is amazing how many more times a day i smile because of this child. a baby brings so much happiness to a home. and it is just so amazing watching her little personality come out. lee said last night..’she is like a real little person now.’ so true. she has her likes/dislikes/knows what she wants and doesn’t want. i can already see her personality translating to a big girl. man do we love our little haha.

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13 months

thirteen months.
6 teeth.
big brown eyes.
wakes early.
tricks include waving, how big, clapping, saying ah-choo+nightnight+dada+mama+lala (lulu), giving open mouth kisses
points a lot.
loves strawberries and any other fruit.
cruises around furniture but still not too interested in walking.
crawls with one leg tucked in. one arm stretched out. crawls fast.
wakes early. sorry, did i mention that already?
extra snuggly and loving.
hair sticks up on top of head.
thinks her sister is hilarious.
almost 18 lbs.
skinny legs. one roll on each thigh.
nicknames: etta, harrietta, haha, squirt, hattie

apparently these updates are not going to write themselves. so after missing the first year-my plan is to write tiny updates each month of this next year.
this past year FLEW. i do not edit too many personal photos during the year b/c i have to edit my clients photos. so this is the time of year i get to go back and see what i captured for the year. its an amazing way to reflect on the past twelve months. one photo edit at a time. its incredible seeing how much my girls have grown since last january. my dad ask for a letter every christmas instead of a present. so i was able to write a big ole first year harriet update in the letter + lu update. might revise a bit and put here just so i wont lose it. but really it was quite a year with these girls. crazy fun+crazy exhausting. i am in love with my family of 4.







Lu’s birthday was almost a month and a half ago. and i wrote this back then and am just now posting it. if i dont post it here it will be lost forever, so here it is:) still cant believe my big girl is seven…

dear lu.

you are seven.

you love to draw+create, eat dumplings, coo with your sister, play with friends (anyone will do), ivy+bean books and singing frozen ‘tunes’. you demand to sleep with your light on + door open even though we are 2 feet from your room. you still love fairies, but a little less then you used to. you are an artist. you could live without school work-but not without school because so much socializing happens there. you are strong willed. you are HAPPY.  you love to wear dresses, pink, glitter and accessories. you still dip any/everything in ketchup. you weigh 36 pounds. you are in first grade. you have a personality that radiates. you are beautiful and kind and so loved by all.

you do not like salad.

your creativity blows me away. daily i find creations around the house. you take the most random things and produce something incredible. and you play with your creations. as you like to tell me ‘i can entertain myself for hours.’ its true! your imagination is quite something, my lu.

you have a few scattered freckles on your face. but dont make me chose between those or your dimples. i love them all.  i love it when you know i am kidding and your eyes get huge, you tilt your head and say, ‘moooomy’…its so cute.

we sold our house a few weeks ago. it has been emotional for because of the memories we made within those walls. i have been replaying your little life and the everyday wonderful that happened there. it was the home where i received the call that i was a mom. the home where i once sat in your empty room waiting for you. waiting and wondering if you would really ever come home. the home where you said your first words and where you celebrated your first birthday. if i could only contain the laughter and joy we had within our home. as i sit in our new home i wonder what adventures, hardships, surprises lay in store for us. you were sad when we told you we were moving. leaving friends and a street you loved. but YOU have handled the transition like such a brave little lady.-finding the good and positives in it all (mainly your secret room!)

you became a big sister this year. from the moment you first met harriet you were in love. and so, so good with her. i knew you would be a great sister but i never could have anticipated HOW great. you were used to life with just you and mommy + daddy. you had all of our attention for so many years. and all of a sudden that time was split. well, more than split since a baby requires so much. you never complained. not once. you have embraced her in our life in a way i could have only dreamed. she wasn’t a whole lot of fun at first. i once asked you what would be harriet’s ideal day-you said, ‘well, she would nurse and then poop and nurse and poop.’:) and its so true-at first she gave nothing in return and you still adored her. i heard you telling her on your birthday, ‘harriet, you are my favorite present. i am so lucky to have you as a sister.’ seriously, i died. because i know you truly feel that way. my favorite moment in life so far is when you walked into the hospital room to see your sister for the first time. my girls. my family complete. you were gentle with harriet. i could tell you were nervous. you looked so big to me that day. it was like you had grown 10 feet in a moment. but you are still my baby. you will forever be my baby.

oh lu. i just love you. happy 7th to my heart.







10 weeks old.

ten weeks. harriet is slowly moving out of that scrunched up newborn phase and into babydom. she sleeps less and is stretching out more. over the past ten weeks i have learned that as soon as you think you are in a good phase (sleeping well, not fussing) you start a more challenging phase (not sleeping well, crying all the time.) so i just soak in the easy days and nights. and its comforting to know that a stretch of lots of fussing will ultimately end. even though she has been on this earth only two months-we now can’t remember life without her. the days collide together and i can’t believe every friday that the weekend is here. the cycle of nursing, burping, playing, changing diapers is on repeat. its amazing how little task that take no time fill up your entire day. my days usually start around 4:30 which is fine by me. im such a morning person. on the days she sleeps later i find myself waking up and watching her. just waiting for the first signs of her dreams fading away-little grunts and complaints fill the room and before long our day begins.

this baby. i could literally eat her up. even her crying is cute. she is happiest in the morning. so i find myself acting like a total idiot at crazy hours trying to make her smile and coo. i am glad there is not a hidden camera b/c i could not be more annoying. but its worth it to hear her talk. and have i mentioned her thighs? she has rolls-three on each thigh to be exact. it is my greatest hope that she develops fat sumo thighs like lu had. they are so stinkin cute. last week she weighed 10.4 which put her up to the 22nd percentile from the 4th percentile. go harriet!

lu continues to be the best, most patient big sister. after the baby came home lu started a video series called ‘babysearch’ wh talks about babies (‘this is lulu for babysearch-today we will talk about how babies CRY’. i have to write this down b/c i never ever want to forget it. the series is hilarious. lu is just so animated in these videos.

so my harriet is getting bigger. growing. healthy. happy. im sad the brand new newborn days are leaving us. but im also excited about slowly getting back to normal life.im anxious for spring to arrive so i can take the baby out and get back in shape. lulu recently said to me: i like your tummy mommy. its soft. like a fluffy pillow:) im ready to hang out with my husband again instead of going to bed when harriet does (sometimes at 7pm..not kidding..but i have to!) and im even beginning to feel ready to get back to work. but i do not think i could have enjoyed these first ten weeks more. harriet and i have been in hibernation. shutting out the cold weather. snuggling and getting to know each other.

a few nights ago lu was taking a bath. i was sitting by the tub bouncing harriet on my leg. and i just paused and took it in. the busy, normal everyday. this is what i have wanted-a house of kids. and there was something about just taking in a simple nighttime routine that took my breath away. so grateful for my girls.






my sweet harriet. it is the early, early hours of the morning. and she sits here snuggly in my arms-drifting off to the sounds of her momma’s heartbeat. i can’t believe she is 6 weeks old. too fast. what a blissful, exhausting, incredible 6 weeks. the endless moments that made my heart stop. her first smiles-where i literally cried happy tears on her precious head. or coming in to find lulu teaching her about the silence e. using her duke t-shirt as the example and pointing to the e-’you can’t hear it because its silent!’ the quiet moments sitting in the glider in the sun-baby curled up on my shoulder-gliding back and forth, back and forth. seeing her eyes meet mine as she nurses-her tiny fingers clasped on mine. the now familiar sounds of her starting to wake. watching lee trying to quiet her tears-rocking her tiny body in his arms. its been good. the newborn phase is fleeting. i think i have at most two more weeks until she leaves newbornhood behind and becomes a baby. im excited by whats to come. but i am still clinging onto the last days of my new baby. the curled first and just utter newness of her.

here are a few images from her birthday. and then a few after we got home. the little one doesn’t give me any time to take or edit photos of her. she is either pooping, eating or pooping again:)

{hattie’s birthday}

{lu and her sister. the drawing lulu put on the door to my room. she calls the baby ‘LOVE’}

{last day at hospital}

{we are HOME!}

{my girls}

{i love the way she peeks over the sling.}










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