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–saw this was in draft mode from 6 months ago (my novemer baby!) forgot i had a 2 yr update for this lady!–


you are two! there are so many little things that add up to make you YOU. you love peppa pig, baby dolls, applesauce
and bows in your hair.

you like your snacks and demand them on an hourly basis.

you go to school three days a week. you love it there and scream ‘my school’ when we pull up and happily bound into your classroom.

you are still working on your c’s and k’s and g’s so pink is pint, bacon is baton, book is but and pig is pid.

you call yourself etta. and like to point to your things and say they are yours. ‘etta’s shirt.’ but you also like to say what belongs to everyone else to. as im folding laundry you help me sort by saying what item goes to which family member.

you love your doggies and call them coachie and lloydie.

you are a great eater. you have inherited your daddy’s love of bacon. but thankfully you also inherited your momma’s love of brussel sprouts! you also love juice-green juice, coconut water, orange juice. you are often found wandering around the kitchen screaming JEEEEW. i try to really limit it or seriously dilute-but man it makes you happy.

its worth noting again that you love snacks.

you let lulu dress you up and boss you around during playtime. you copy whatever she says and will wear 500 articles of clothing if that is what she wants. but recently you started asking me to put dress up clothes on you even when lu isn’t home!

outside of playtime you are the boss of lulu and me and daddy. and the dogs.

you are strong willed. you are slow to warm up to people. in fact you still have only a handful of people you have allowed in. but once you break through that barrier you are a ball full of love. you are snuggly and still let me rock you at night. when anyone looks at you you will tuck your head into the crook in my arm. safe with momma.

you love books and would read all day long. i find you sitting and looking through books throughout the day.

you love to sing. and because you have an older sister i find you singing taylor swift (trouble, stay), maroon 5 (animals is a fav) and dynamite. but you also get on your mom’s level and bust out some adele (hello the recent favorite.) we have a mini speaker and we use it in the car a lot. you scream for the pow (lepow) every time we get into the car. the music starts and you use it like a microphone. but whenever we get to our destination-no matter how into the song you are-you turn the power off. its adorable.

you love to draw and have an incredible grip. you and lulu spend a lot of time sitting at the art table drawing. you have mastered the circle and will put dots on the circle. the beginning of little faces.

you finally started napping once you hit age 1.5 or so. i usually get a good one-two hours most days. bedtime is around 6:30/7pm.

you have a lot of lovies. ma, the pink little giraffe blanket is your favorite. it is called ma because you used to say ‘more, more’ (which sounded like ma, ma) when you wanted it. you also sleep with bunny, annie (blabla cat), 2 peppa the pigs, 1 george the pig, a mini carole doll (you call her baby) and a stuffed pig (piddie!) oh and mimi the miniature sheep. more and more animals are finding their way into your crib. no wonder you are up many nights at 3am playing.

for your second birthday we surprised you with a massive bouquet of peppa balloons. and a cake with peppa and pedro pony on top. since your birthday is around thanksgiving it turned into a 2 day celebration. the day before we had cake after thanksgiving dinner with the corey’s. on your actual birthday we had pancakes, more cake, played outside, lunch at buns and gave you lots of extra smooches.

it amazes me the difference between my two girls. night and day. the sun and the moon. yet the two of you are so good together. you are best friends you are sisters.

harriet, you entered the world two years ago and changed everything we knew. you completed our family. you bring us joy and
laughter and we are grateful every single day for our haha. i think i kiss you a million times a day. and tell you i love you two million. you may be getting bigger, but you will always be our baby.

20 months

20 months

starting to string words together-where’s woowoo ( lulu), lulu outside, night night dada, no mama, up peas (please.)

can say almost any word now. or attempt to say any word.

loves to sing. sings ‘twinkle twinkle’ with me almost every night when i tuck her in-even if she is very, very sleepy. another favorite is to sing ‘let it go’ with lulu. she basically just hums until she gets to a few of the main words. ‘hummmm, laaaaa, it GOOO.’

says thank you constantly! if she sees one of us with something she wants she will just start saying thank you over and over. its smart-gets the lady what she wants b/c its so cute!

still obsessed with apple sauce pouches.  ‘apple, apple, APPLE!!!!’

insist on wearing goggles much of the time.


still has stranger anxiety. kicks her little feet and clings to me when someone new looks at her!

draws constantly.

adores lulu . this has not changed. they just get better and better togther. and full on play like they are the same age. its incredible. she runs to her and hugs her if they have been apart. or even if they havent been apart.

sleeping has gotten tons better. sleep pretty consistently until 6:30. but sometimes earlier and sometimes later (wahoo!) i get up most mornings before both girls now. i get to edit, drink coffee, be alone. its lovely. lots of mornings i will hear a hard thump and i know that means H is awake and that lulu has gone in to get her out of her crib.

adding more animals sounds-newest addition is the cockadoodledo!

this etta of ours-she is funny, quirky, serious, lighthearted, loveable, snuggly. she is everything.



18 months.

i missed a few monthly updates. but including a 16 month update that i started (and never finished.)
16 months
10 teeth favorite thing to say: thank you. new words: ball, go duke:) daddy taught you how to sign for more. sadly, it is the wrong sign. but you use it CONSTANTLY. it is basically you go-to for ‘get me THAT now’ or ‘do THIS for me now’. still loves to wear anything on your head. will fuss until i put a bow in your hair in the morning. also love to wear pocketbooks, bike helmets!

so this month you gained 2 new teeth-those back molars came through and oh my that was not fun. you were a grumpy old lady for a few weeks. but now you have a little bit more to help you chew through all that food you eat. you are an eater. you will eat almost anything. but pizza is your favorite (you are my daughter after all!) you also love asparagus. you will chug my green drink no matter how much ginger is in there. its amazing. but applesauce is your obsession. you rummage through the snack drawer and bring me pouches ALL DAY LONG. when i say no you just go grab a different pouch. if i say no to that you take it to lulu. lulu recently said, ‘mommy, harriet has lost her craw.’ and its true-that fantastic little crab crawl is a thing of the past. you walk and run now.


18 months

nope nope can’t believe it-a year and a half!!!

this past month was a doozy with the two bottom molars coming through. they took their time and it hurt in the process! naps have continued to be a 30 minute affair. just enough time for me to make a sandwich and sit down. i start to take a bite and….’WAAAH.’ the words are really starting to come. and finally we have some animal sounds (sheep, dog, cow, horse.) around 2 weeks ago you decided to become a full fledged toddler. that means you now run away from me anytime you are near something dangerous. its terrifying. getting my cardio in at all times. i thought you would be the one who sat by feet and quietly read. but nope. you are going to be as wild as your sister. you think it is HILARIOUS when i chase after you! the all done sign is being abused at this point. diaper change…all done. dinner time…all done. i put you in the car seat…all done. all done. you love your blankets and animals. you call them all MA. that started when you would reach for your pink blanket and were trying to say ‘more’. its funny b/c you want any blanket or stuffed animal you see and will scream ‘maaa.’ harriet, you are so funny! at your 17 month check up you were 19 pounds. you are definitely tinier then most of the babies your age. you love books. your will bring me 100 books a day and say ‘bo bo’. current favorite is ‘good night moon’ b/c you can find the mouse on every page. you love to draw. i am not sure if that is from observing lulu or if maybe i have another little artist. but you really love drawing-even on our furniture (sigh.) you continue to love for daddy to wear you in the biorn. even though you are clearly getting too big. but you will drag it over to him and beg to be worn. you had your last day of school last week-ms jeannie and ms margie were your teachers on monday. you always seemed pretty happy about going to school. the ymca and church childcare have never made you happy-until a  month or so ago we discovered that you love the swing. as in the infant swing!:) it doesnt even have to swing. you will literally sit there for 2 hours. during bible study on wednesdays you are the only girl in the nursery. they tell me you sit in the swing and point to the boys to come bring you anything that falls. and they do! if your blanket falls off you point and one of the boys comes running to retrieve it! you seriously are the cutest. your eyes, that strong little personality. i just love you so much.


15 months.

15 months.

8 teeth. 4 top + 4 bottom.

walking! finally took off at 14.5 months. but will still crab crawl if she is very tired or if she needs to get somewhere fast.

has discovered the snack drawer and all day long brings me snacks. and screams at me when i say no. all. day. long. note to self:move the snack drawer higher.

loves her pink blankie and annie-her little blabla doll.

loves books. demands 500 before bed.

continues to show that strong will daily.

becoming such a quirky, funny lady. i forgot how much i love toddlers. wears a little pocket book around the house all the time.

vocabulary not growing at a very rapid rate-but assuming that is b/c of her vocal big sis.

shakes her head no to everything. and does so with a big smile.

waves all the time.

screams and points when she wants something. wants something constantly.


the months are just flying by. its starting to get realllly fun now that she is walking. we can go to the park and she can actually play around. and man she is just SO funny. i LOVE todddlers. and i love my harriet. every second of the day she is discovering something new. and everything is an experiment. its precious.




14 months.

14 months.

7 teeth. 4 top+3 bottom.

current favorite foods:broccoli + peanut butter

still speed crab crawling like a maniac-but now standing without support all the time. and taking a step/two here and there.

napping maybe total of an hour/hour half everyday (ugh.) some days less.

FINALLY does not cry when she goes to the playroom at the YMCA. this is huge!

has started attaching to a lovey-a little blabla doll.

cant get enough of music. dances and claps whenever it is on.

loves a good dance party.

wears size 9-12 months. tiny.

moved out of her infant car seat and into a big girl carseat this past month. big time!
favorite activities: riding in the wagon + swinging at the park + bath time + being worn by her dada in the biorn + taking everything out of the kitchen drawers + taking everything out of the bathroom drawers + taking everything out of any drawer.

knows what she wants and will point and scream until she gets it! we think she sounds like a caveman.

18.2 lbs

perfectly perfect.

wears us out. makes us happy. quadruples the daily joy we feel. cannot imagine life without this baby.

is told 2x a day that she looks like her dada. once a day that she looks like her sister. 0 times a day that she looks like her mama. but who is counting?

she is getting better and better about solo play. i really will never be able to describe how challenging she was that first year. i had to hold her constantly or she would scream. the week after she turned one that started to shift and she continues to get easier and easier. i can actually get a little work done now during the day and let her play around my feet. victory! but leaving the room is still not an option. she needs to be able to see me! sleep still alludes her. some days i am not sure how she survives on so little sleep. then i remember i birthed her-the two of us will forever live in a state of little sleep. zzzz. it really is amazing how many more times a day i smile because of this child. a baby brings so much happiness to a home. and it is just so amazing watching her little personality come out. lee said last night..’she is like a real little person now.’ so true. she has her likes/dislikes/knows what she wants and doesn’t want. i can already see her personality translating to a big girl. man do we love our little haha.

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