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  • hey there! my name is emily and this is my little blog. i am a professional photographer and i so love my job. while i do occasionally use this space for sneak peeks, the heart and soul of this blog is lulu, my spunky, wondrous five-year-old daughter...my muse. my photography portfolio and website can be viewed here. feel free to email me with any questions you might have. and i hope you enjoy!

10 weeks old.

ten weeks. harriet is slowly moving out of that scrunched up newborn phase and into babydom. she sleeps less and is stretching out more. over the past ten weeks i have learned that as soon as you think you are in a good phase (sleeping well, not fussing) you start a more challenging phase (not sleeping well, crying all the time.) so i just soak in the easy days and nights. and its comforting to know that a stretch of lots of fussing will ultimately end. even though she has been on this earth only two months-we now can’t remember life without her. the days collide together and i can’t believe every friday that the weekend is here. the cycle of nursing, burping, playing, changing diapers is on repeat. its amazing how little task that take no time fill up your entire day. my days usually start around 4:30 which is fine by me. im such a morning person. on the days she sleeps later i find myself waking up and watching her. just waiting for the first signs of her dreams fading away-little grunts and complaints fill the room and before long our day begins.

this baby. i could literally eat her up. even her crying is cute. she is happiest in the morning. so i find myself acting like a total idiot at crazy hours trying to make her smile and coo. i am glad there is not a hidden camera b/c i could not be more annoying. but its worth it to hear her talk. and have i mentioned her thighs? she has rolls-three on each thigh to be exact. it is my greatest hope that she develops fat sumo thighs like lu had. they are so stinkin cute. last week she weighed 10.4 which put her up to the 22nd percentile from the 4th percentile. go harriet!

lu continues to be the best, most patient big sister. after the baby came home lu started a video series called ‘babysearch’ wh talks about babies (‘this is lulu for babysearch-today we will talk about how babies CRY’. i have to write this down b/c i never ever want to forget it. the series is hilarious. lu is just so animated in these videos.

so my harriet is getting bigger. growing. healthy. happy. im sad the brand new newborn days are leaving us. but im also excited about slowly getting back to normal life.im anxious for spring to arrive so i can take the baby out and get back in shape. lulu recently said to me: i like your tummy mommy. its soft. like a fluffy pillow:) im ready to hang out with my husband again instead of going to bed when harriet does (sometimes at 7pm..not kidding..but i have to!) and im even beginning to feel ready to get back to work. but i do not think i could have enjoyed these first ten weeks more. harriet and i have been in hibernation. shutting out the cold weather. snuggling and getting to know each other.

a few nights ago lu was taking a bath. i was sitting by the tub bouncing harriet on my leg. and i just paused and took it in. the busy, normal everyday. this is what i have wanted-a house of kids. and there was something about just taking in a simple nighttime routine that took my breath away. so grateful for my girls.






my sweet harriet. it is the early, early hours of the morning. and she sits here snuggly in my arms-drifting off to the sounds of her momma’s heartbeat. i can’t believe she is 6 weeks old. too fast. what a blissful, exhausting, incredible 6 weeks. the endless moments that made my heart stop. her first smiles-where i literally cried happy tears on her precious head. or coming in to find lulu teaching her about the silence e. using her duke t-shirt as the example and pointing to the e-’you can’t hear it because its silent!’ the quiet moments sitting in the glider in the sun-baby curled up on my shoulder-gliding back and forth, back and forth. seeing her eyes meet mine as she nurses-her tiny fingers clasped on mine. the now familiar sounds of her starting to wake. watching lee trying to quiet her tears-rocking her tiny body in his arms. its been good. the newborn phase is fleeting. i think i have at most two more weeks until she leaves newbornhood behind and becomes a baby. im excited by whats to come. but i am still clinging onto the last days of my new baby. the curled first and just utter newness of her.

here are a few images from her birthday. and then a few after we got home. the little one doesn’t give me any time to take or edit photos of her. she is either pooping, eating or pooping again:)

{hattie’s birthday}

{lu and her sister. the drawing lulu put on the door to my room. she calls the baby ‘LOVE’}

{last day at hospital}

{we are HOME!}

{my girls}

{i love the way she peeks over the sling.}










she is here!

its hard to believe that two weeks (and one day) ago at 4:46am my little harriet holmes corey entered the world. we left for the hospital tuesday morning at 5:30am. i was 6 days past my due date at that point and VERY ready to meet my baby.  before we left i stood in front of the mirror and gave a good last look to my belly. i knew that the next time i entered my home the belly would be gone and a baby would be in my arms. one minute your baby is all cozy in your belly-then there she is there in your arms. truly, its magical.

{last tummy shot before leaving for the hosptial | first pic with harriet}

labor was very long and hard. historically my family has very easy labors. my mom and three sisters all enter the hospital at 4cm, never really feeling contractions, get the epidural, push and voila-baby. not so much the case with me. it hurt! and it dragged on and on. and i pretty much thought i might die. i finally got an epidural at 7 cm only for it to not work for the next hour. but it was all worth it when i saw my little baby girl. all 5 pounds 11.6 oz of her. she came into the world with a full on head of black hair. and my goodness she was tiny. teeny tiny. i was so tired from the past 24 hours that the hours after her birth are a little fuzzy. but i remember it was very similar to how i felt the hours after first meeting lulu.  the days of meeting both my girls mirrored each other in a lot of ways-despite one meeting being in a hospital and one a world away in vietnam.

my girls. i can’t believe i get to say that. what a journey to these two. if you had told me at age 26 how it would turn out i would not have believed you. harriet has her own amazing story and a special connection to her sister. little H is part vietnamese (this was an absolute last fertility attempt and we used part donor.) we tried something different and knew that it wouldn’t likely work-but i wanted closure. so we went for it. and it worked. i still can’t believe it worked. AHH-but it did!  in 10 years i took only ONE single positive pregnancy test. just one. and how we have our little hattie pants. the fact that my girls will share their vietnamese heritage makes my heart so happy. and do you want to hear something really amazing? both my girls have two dimples. BOTH. i cant even take it!!!

so two weeks have passed. and im happy. happy, happy and a little bit tired:) having her at age 36 has turned out to have some advantages. i think i have a bit more perspective of the passing of time. i know to hold on to it. the days and nights are a happy blur of nursing, changing diapers, taking care of lulu. but it is all blissful. truly. and every day she naps on my chest for a bit. and i soak it in and lock the memory. i will time to slow down so i can memorize the details of those moments. because they are already passing so quickly. lulu had chubby little thighs yesterday. today she is a big 6.5 year old. babies grow no matter how much mommas will them to stay small.

my family is complete. my heart is whole.

so much more i would love to share. and these are all iphone pics. i have taken big camera photos and will get those up soon.

{our daily snuggle time}






{summer bump | fall bump}

ok in the homestretch. 39 weeks on thursday. ive had been feeling so good up until a few days ago. braxton hicks are constant-my tummy gets so tight and the baby is getting crowded in there. not so comfortable. getting all of my orders 100% done took a little longer then i thought-but i am finally finished. just have to package everything up! so i guess i have entered the point of twiddling my thumbs and waiting:) ok, not really. i have put so much off. i need to work on the nursery, pack my hospital bag,  and-i don’t know-maybe read up on how one births and then takes care of a baby!:):) i stopped by a friends house yesterday and she presented me with a list of things i need to do-i had actually done a few on my own and she was very proud..hee. im not one for being prepared. its a good thing i will have my momma b/c i really have NO idea how to take care of a teeny person. its sooo crazy thinking that i could go into labor at any point. im nervous. but my excitement still outweighs the nerves by a million. lee, lu and i toured the hospital last week. and it def. made it feel real.  WE ARE HAVING A BAABBBY!!!!!ok yes so this is a post full of nothing. but its 5am and ive been up since who-knows-when. so why not document the last little bit of this pregnancy.

oh, and remember this little lady? here is my lu. all 6.5 years of her. could i love her more? no. the bestest girl ever. man is she going to love bossing this baby around!


little one.

well you once again woke me up at an ungodly hour. as you have every single night for the past nine months. it is a good thing i love you so much. because i ALWAYS wake up smiling due to you moving in my belly. this morning you were shifted so far to the right that i looked completely lopsided. after months of worrying that you would come early-im pretty sure you are enjoying your accommodations. you seems quite cozy and im now wondering if you will ever want to check out.

thirty seven weeks. that is a lot of weeks with just the two of us. after longing for pregnancy for so, so long-i found it every bit as magical as i imagined. now, don’t get me wrong, you caused me a bit of discomfort too. especially that time you decided to lodge your foot in my ribcage for two days. now that wasn’t very nice! but overall you have been very good to me and im pretty sure my hand hasn’t left my belly this entire pregnancy. i never want to forget how it feels to have your kick and roll in my tummy. i want to lock the memory away so i can retrieve it whenever i want. you are active and roll and kick constantly. i love how big your sisters eyes get when she has her head on my belly and you give a good kick! are you trying to tell her something?!

speaking of lulu-she already adores you. it has been hands down the best part of the pregnancy. watching lulu with you. she calls you ‘my baby’ and hugs my belly constantly. i am proud of her because she has been so sweet about sharing me with you. she understands that i can’t hold her as much or sit on my lap. she monitors me to make sure i am following all the rules and taking care of you. she is So excited about your arrival (and starting to get a little impatient! is it time yet, mama?!) one morning she came and got in the bed with me. she put her head on my tummy and said, ‘i am so grateful for our baby.’ she loves you. the greatest gift to me is knowing that you two will have each other forever.

its weird to think that you are an actual person at this point. a real baby in there. and that you will enter the world with your own little personality. i cannot imagine what you will look like. i dream about when they put you in my arms and know that life will change so much that day. i love your sister so much it hurts. and i cant believe i get to be a mom x2 and love even more. two girls that i get to raise and love. i am the luckiest.

you were worth the wait. i always knew it would make sense. the years and years of waiting. your daddy, lulu and me-we are silly-we should have known to be more patient. because we were waiting on YOU!

ok baby girl. three weeks. im thinking i would like for you to exit in around 2.5 weeks please. that will give you time to grow a little more and time to let me finish up my laundry list of things to do. and just know that at the other end of this you are about to be smoothered with more love then you can imagine.

love, mommy


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