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–saw this was in draft mode from 6 months ago (my novemer baby!) forgot i had a 2 yr update for this lady!– harriet- you are two! there are so many little things that add up to make you YOU. you love peppa pig, baby dolls, applesauce and bows in your hair. you like your […]

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14 months.

14 months. 7 teeth. 4 top+3 bottom. current favorite foods:broccoli + peanut butter still speed crab crawling like a maniac-but now standing without support all the time. and taking a step/two here and there. napping maybe total of an hour/hour half everyday (ugh.) some days less. FINALLY does not cry when she goes to the […]

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13 months

thirteen months. 6 teeth. big brown eyes. wakes early. tricks include waving, how big, clapping, saying ah-choo+nightnight+dada+mama+lala (lulu), giving open mouth kisses points a lot. loves strawberries and any other fruit. cruises around furniture but still not too interested in walking. crawls with one leg tucked in. one arm stretched out. crawls fast. wakes early. […]

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