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‘mommy, will you take a picture of me in my tinkerbelle costume’…um yes. she walks outside, puts hands on hip and stands there. in that one little moment she felt bigger. even looking at her little face in these photos. she is more aware. lulu is growing up. lee and lu went to the mountains […]

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iphone captures.

i lost all of my phone pics awhile ago. once it happened i realized how much i love these little snaps. it made me sad they were gone. especially since my big camera stopped accompanying me everywhere a long time ago. so i am making sure to download these suckers to my computer once a […]

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one a day.

have you ever seen those ‘one line a day’ books? i recently almost purchased one just so i would have somewhere to write down bits of what comes out of lulu’s mouth each day. but then i thought..hey, i can just jot these down on a word doc and then incorporate them into lu’s 2012 […]

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