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14 months.

14 months. 7 teeth. 4 top+3 bottom. current favorite foods:broccoli + peanut butter still speed crab crawling like a maniac-but now standing without support all the time. and taking a step/two here and there. napping maybe total of an hour/hour half everyday (ugh.) some days less. FINALLY does not cry when she goes to the […]

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13 months

thirteen months. 6 teeth. big brown eyes. wakes early. tricks include waving, how big, clapping, saying ah-choo+nightnight+dada+mama+lala (lulu), giving open mouth kisses points a lot. loves strawberries and any other fruit. cruises around furniture but still not too interested in walking. crawls with one leg tucked in. one arm stretched out. crawls fast. wakes early. […]

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