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the list {additions}

{with just a few of her lovies:)before the nap that never happened. she is so on and off with those naps…}

original 33 before 34 list post.


16. create an epic/killer craft with lulu

17. take lulu to the farm. {we try to buy a lot of our meat for lu and lee from one family at the farmers market. they have asked us to visit their farm. i am a huge advocate for buying cruelty free meat. think it would be neat to visit and see how the animals are truly treated}

18. blurb book to ca mau {i was really good about sending photos back to lulu’s orpahange for the first 1.5 years. but it has been awhile. i have heard the babies have files there and that the birth parents can come back and see anything we have sent. i have no idea if that is true. and i do not know anything about lulu’s birthparents, so there is a small chance they would ever see this book. but i still want to do a book of lulu’s first three years of life. starting with the referral picture. even if there is a .5% chance lulu’s first mom could come back and see her shining girl..that glowing spirit…just worth it. this project is hugely important to me and will def. happen}

19. push myself. i so often see images that inspire me but are ones i would never think to create. i want to push myself more this year. play more with props, etc.

20. reframe maps in living room. {a few years ago lee and i bought these pretty awesome maps. but i have always hated how we framed them. time to reframe to make a bit more modern}

21. learn more capitals. printing THIS out. {ok, so i love this. my brave little sis in law has been in the hospital for a long time waiting on her little girl to be born. her doc has kept her occupied by asking her capitals of different countries every day. pretty cute, huh? i can just see sarah having her shining moment sometime down the road during trivial pursuit when they ask the capital of Tonga. she will proudly say Nuku’alofa:)}

numbers 22-33..still working on coming up with them…suggestions WELCOME!

jess - August 15, 2010 - 6:31 pm

22. visit jess in minnesota. preferably for her 30th birthday party :)

Amanda - August 16, 2010 - 1:01 pm

What a great list! We take Poppy to all the different farms where we get our beef, chicken, eggs and veggies and you can tell that she has a really good understanding of where our food comes from. When we eat eggs in the morning, she almost always asks if these eggs come Farmer Tom’s farm and she talks about how nice he is to his chickens, etc.

And I love the idea of sending a blurb book to Lulu orphanage.

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