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  • hey there! my name is emily and this is my little blog. i am a professional photographer and i love capturing families. although i find myself updating this blog less and less (thanks to instagram!) i do occasionally use this space for personal updates. my photography portfolio and website can be viewed here. feel free to email me with any questions you might have! emilycorey@gmail.com

{one of the pages of our book. lulu drew this awhile ago and i love it}

well hello. i know. big absence. i had a month of crazy wedding editing. and my camera has been in the shop..so it seemed like the time to take a nice little blogging break. any free time i had went to creating our adoption profile book. and omg it has been a beast. a labor of love. our life in 20 pages. i sorta wish i could show it here..but, again, i am still conflicted as to what is appropriate to share here during this adoption process (although i am feeling better and more open again.) the book is what the lawyer will  show to birthmothers. if a birthmother connects to us, my family, though this book then she will pick us as the adoptive parents. i have to say, it was sweet going back through the archives and finding photos of just lee and me. that is where it all began after all. and then looking at the family photos. it also made me realize that i need to be way better about taking an occasional photo of just lee and me. and i have to hire someone to take family photos (its been a few years!)  i also had to devote a page to each member of my family (lloyd got his own page..but wendy the fish did not!) i loved that part b/c it made me really thing about each member of my family..who we are, what we love, what makes that person special. it is always good to slow down and think about your family.

so, today is my birthday. i am thirtyfive. and that is sorta crazy to me. but there you go..i am heading in the direction of forty. i never did a 34 before 35 list…BUT i was still marking items off of my 33 before 34 list. and i love it that i have been getting those things done. but i am ready for a new list. i am going to start jotting down things i want to do and create my list today.

ok, im off! starting my birthday off with a bootcamp class at the Y:) woot 35!

dao - July 27, 2012 - 2:03 pm

happy belated birthday em! i hope you had a great day. love this in the profile book :-)

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