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35 before 36

i never created a 34 before 35 list last year b/c i was still marking off items from 33 before 34. but this year i am determined to finish everything within a year. i can do it!!!

ok, here is my list of 35 things to accomplish before i turn 3-6!

1. scan instax photos
2. go on a run with my dad
3. create a movie for my parents
4. surprise a client with a viewmaster (with their photos)
5. make lulu’s fairy book
6. make paper feathers
7. bake something fancy
8. have lulu make something for the baby
9. make a banh mi at home
10. run an 8k
12. put friend/families b-days in my ical
13. do something magical for lulu
14. do something magical for lee
15. have a doll made out of one of lu’s drawings
16. clean the garage
17. visit dollywood
18. frame polaroids from my wedding
19. create a lulu ‘bed head’ series
20. buy a bunch of succulents (ie.buy plants i cant kill)
21. make moo stickers
22. make a cypress album
23. find the perfect veggie burger recipe
24. have briggs give me a top ten book list. read them.
25. have a picnic at duke gardens
26. visit a new art musuem
27. declutter all of my closets
28. go on a real (ie..mountains) camping trip with lu
before the baby arrives
29. build a really cool fort
30. attempt the elimination part of clean for a month
31. pretty up at least one room in my house
32. create a tennis league
33. make friendship bracelets with lu
34. find a place for all of lulu’s art
35. get updated family photos

Molly - August 3, 2012 - 7:07 pm

Custom viewfinders?!? Never heard of such a thing! I am instantly obsessed!

Nana - August 7, 2012 - 11:19 pm

Oh My, #16 is so exciting!!!!! I will even help you.

Whitney - August 15, 2012 - 9:12 pm

I love your blog! I found it looking for pics from a wedding (Louise Wornall Stafford). Lulu is literally the most darling little girl I’ve EVER laid eyes on. Looking forward to checking back frequently. Your photography is gorgeous!
Whitney Otto

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