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big girl.

something weird just happened. it was spring..but then i blinked and it was summer. but apparently summer is now over. so then i blinked again and my precious little child was hopping off to kindergarten. really, this happened.

on wednesday morning lee, lulu, lloyd and i all headed out to lu’s new elementary school. we swung lulu between us and told her that she would have so many new adventures this year. ten minutes later we arrived and were walking to her classroom. i know you are supposed to suppress tears for the sake of the child. but i swear the tears started from my toes and came up so fast there was nothing i could do. my lu looked at me confused. lee gave me the stink eye. we dropped her off in her class. i took this photo and then smushed her face with 1000 kisses until lee finally pried me off of her. and that was it. little girl in a big school.

that afternoon i joined other anxious parents and my heart raced as i saw my baby coming towards me. she ran. then jumped into my arms and started crying. her teachers assured me that she had a great day. and she did. as we walked home bits about the day were revealed (she made a new friend..mr. bones..during science class!) yesterday was day two and there were no tears on either end. and this time she was all smiles and dimples when i picked her up. and this is how it goes. life moving on. what was once foreign and scary will become routine. what we wish for our children is for them to grow and thrive. and this is exactly what is happening to my lu. and for that i am grateful. but selfishly and quite simply, i am going to miss having my buddy around all of the time. i just love her.

{lee, lu, lloyd walking to school on the first day. lloyd and i will walk to pick lulu up every afternoon. i lovelove that we live so close.}

anne - August 31, 2012 - 10:19 pm

boo hoo. I can’t believe it em. our girls are just too big. these pics are so so special.
can’t wait to hear more about her adventures in K. love the walking thing.

Lizzy - September 5, 2012 - 8:29 pm

love that Lu smiled so big for that picture- she was made for school! dynamic personalities like Lulu do great!
Love to all of you!

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