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{2 of probably 3 photos i have taken of her this spring. go ahead..yell at me)

i cannot believe i am fifteen weeks and in the second trimester of this pregnancy! i have a little belly to prove it and it is my current favorite thing in the world. i keep my hand on my tummy pretty much all day. it looks like a beer gut the first half of the day but grows to a legit belly by the end of every day:)

i had a pretty easy first trimester. my stomach was off for the first 8 weeks. but i never threw up so i am thinking i was lucky. i was repulsed by anything green. i ate more cheese and egg biscuits and bagels then i have combined in my life! biscuitville basically became my kitchen for a few weeks. around ten weeks i finally started wanting greens again. very happy about that b/c i felt like a bad momma feeding the baby biscuits instead of healthy stuff:) i would say my main problem during the first trimester was worry. i was up at crazy hours worrying. but every since the 12 week ultrasound (i will not even tell you how many ultrasounds i had b/c of my worrying!) i have been a happy, pregnant lady. fully believing and not worrying about every twinge (there are a lot of twinges!)

we found out that the little apple (its size this week!) is a GIRL! we found out early b/c of new dna testing they offer. lee and i went on a 3 day getaway to florida and we found that friday. the timing was perfect. we had just gotten in the rental car and were heading to a late lunch. i put the phone on speaker when she told us. we immediately celebrated with lunch. i called my mom and when i got back to the table lee had ordered celebratory drinks. my drink was an odoull’s:) we called to tell lulu and she screamed and jumped up and down. it was a pretty spectacular day.

is this boring? hum..probably so. just making sure to write it all down before i forget. i mean really life just happens so fast. and here i sit..days away from JUNE.  life has been hectic. traveling a ton for out of town weddings and family sessions. i am gone 6 weekends in a row. some beach time in there too which i am really looking forward to.

my other baby-miss lu-is doing great. one more week and she will graduate from kindergarten. ok i just passed out. she has grown a ton this year. we just had her 6 year appt and she measured in the 3rd percentile for weight/height. tiny little lady. and she will be in 1st grade next year…whaaaa? i die over it. its a good thing ill have a new baby to keep me from melting. lu is veeery excited about this little sister of hers. i asked her last night what she thought the baby was doing in my tummy. she said, ‘um, probably playing with a toy’..hee. she is very interested in how the baby got in my tummy and all the other lovely questions that come along with it. im keeping it simple. she drew the ‘life cycle of  a baby’ a few nights ago. it included the heart beating, the umbilical cord, etc. so funny. just little bits and pieces of things she is picking up along the way but doesn’t understand. i loves her.


Lizzy - May 31, 2013 - 12:20 pm

Yeah! 2 girls! I know from personal experience that you will LOVE it! I can’t believe Lu is about to finish Kind. Crazy!
Enjoy this summer- be sure to put your feet up and eat as many biscuits as you desire!
Love all 4 of you!

Janet - June 6, 2013 - 1:25 pm

So thrilled for you and your family and sweet little Lu!! Enjoy every minute of these special times!

Kelli K - June 27, 2013 - 12:55 am

Yay for 2 girls! So fun. Miss Lulu is getting so big…as beautiful as ever. Aiden was in the 4th percentile at his 5 year check- they are small but mighty!

Jessica Meyers - October 11, 2013 - 1:55 am

Just checking in on you, figured you had adopted again by now and OMG!!!! Congratulations!! You may be a new momma at this point or getting very very close. We are so very happy for you guys. Wishing you all the best and I know Lulu is going to be one amazing big sis! Looking forward to April when I will need you again, Alexandra will be getting her dove wings in prep for kindergarten next year and we will also have another, woot woot! I bet you are ready for a really nice craft beer right about now, Take care and I will be in touch.

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