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Lu’s birthday was almost a month and a half ago. and i wrote this back then and am just now posting it. if i dont post it here it will be lost forever, so here it is:) still cant believe my big girl is seven…

dear lu.

you are seven.

you love to draw+create, eat dumplings, coo with your sister, play with friends (anyone will do), ivy+bean books and singing frozen ‘tunes’. you demand to sleep with your light on + door open even though we are 2 feet from your room. you still love fairies, but a little less then you used to. you are an artist. you could live without school work-but not without school because so much socializing happens there. you are strong willed. you are HAPPY.  you love to wear dresses, pink, glitter and accessories. you still dip any/everything in ketchup. you weigh 36 pounds. you are in first grade. you have a personality that radiates. you are beautiful and kind and so loved by all.

you do not like salad.

your creativity blows me away. daily i find creations around the house. you take the most random things and produce something incredible. and you play with your creations. as you like to tell me ‘i can entertain myself for hours.’ its true! your imagination is quite something, my lu.

you have a few scattered freckles on your face. but dont make me chose between those or your dimples. i love them all.  i love it when you know i am kidding and your eyes get huge, you tilt your head and say, ‘moooomy’…its so cute.

we sold our house a few weeks ago. it has been emotional for because of the memories we made within those walls. i have been replaying your little life and the everyday wonderful that happened there. it was the home where i received the call that i was a mom. the home where i once sat in your empty room waiting for you. waiting and wondering if you would really ever come home. the home where you said your first words and where you celebrated your first birthday. if i could only contain the laughter and joy we had within our home. as i sit in our new home i wonder what adventures, hardships, surprises lay in store for us. you were sad when we told you we were moving. leaving friends and a street you loved. but YOU have handled the transition like such a brave little lady.-finding the good and positives in it all (mainly your secret room!)

you became a big sister this year. from the moment you first met harriet you were in love. and so, so good with her. i knew you would be a great sister but i never could have anticipated HOW great. you were used to life with just you and mommy + daddy. you had all of our attention for so many years. and all of a sudden that time was split. well, more than split since a baby requires so much. you never complained. not once. you have embraced her in our life in a way i could have only dreamed. she wasn’t a whole lot of fun at first. i once asked you what would be harriet’s ideal day-you said, ‘well, she would nurse and then poop and nurse and poop.’:) and its so true-at first she gave nothing in return and you still adored her. i heard you telling her on your birthday, ‘harriet, you are my favorite present. i am so lucky to have you as a sister.’ seriously, i died. because i know you truly feel that way. my favorite moment in life so far is when you walked into the hospital room to see your sister for the first time. my girls. my family complete. you were gentle with harriet. i could tell you were nervous. you looked so big to me that day. it was like you had grown 10 feet in a moment. but you are still my baby. you will forever be my baby.

oh lu. i just love you. happy 7th to my heart.







Lizzy - June 4, 2014 - 11:43 am

What a gift this is for both Lulu and all of your “followers.” so poetic and from the heart. Love your complete family too.

Sheryl - June 20, 2014 - 1:54 am

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for a wonderful post.

Katie H - June 26, 2014 - 6:49 pm

Such a great way to preserve your emotions for Lu to read as she gets older. I teared up reading this beautiful letter! I cannot believe that she is SEVEN. Need to see you and the girls soon!

Mariana - November 8, 2014 - 5:07 pm

I love your pics, but your feed subscription seems to not being working?! T.T Miss your pics, where are you? ):

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