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14 months.

14 months.

7 teeth. 4 top+3 bottom.

current favorite foods:broccoli + peanut butter

still speed crab crawling like a maniac-but now standing without support all the time. and taking a step/two here and there.

napping maybe total of an hour/hour half everyday (ugh.) some days less.

FINALLY does not cry when she goes to the playroom at the YMCA. this is huge!

has started attaching to a lovey-a little blabla doll.

cant get enough of music. dances and claps whenever it is on.

loves a good dance party.

wears size 9-12 months. tiny.

moved out of her infant car seat and into a big girl carseat this past month. big time!
favorite activities: riding in the wagon + swinging at the park + bath time + being worn by her dada in the biorn + taking everything out of the kitchen drawers + taking everything out of the bathroom drawers + taking everything out of any drawer.

knows what she wants and will point and scream until she gets it! we think she sounds like a caveman.

18.2 lbs

perfectly perfect.

wears us out. makes us happy. quadruples the daily joy we feel. cannot imagine life without this baby.

is told 2x a day that she looks like her dada. once a day that she looks like her sister. 0 times a day that she looks like her mama. but who is counting?

she is getting better and better about solo play. i really will never be able to describe how challenging she was that first year. i had to hold her constantly or she would scream. the week after she turned one that started to shift and she continues to get easier and easier. i can actually get a little work done now during the day and let her play around my feet. victory! but leaving the room is still not an option. she needs to be able to see me! sleep still alludes her. some days i am not sure how she survives on so little sleep. then i remember i birthed her-the two of us will forever live in a state of little sleep. zzzz. it really is amazing how many more times a day i smile because of this child. a baby brings so much happiness to a home. and it is just so amazing watching her little personality come out. lee said last night..’she is like a real little person now.’ so true. she has her likes/dislikes/knows what she wants and doesn’t want. i can already see her personality translating to a big girl. man do we love our little haha.

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lizzy - February 11, 2015 - 9:23 pm

What a cutie!

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