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20 months

20 months

starting to string words together-where’s woowoo ( lulu), lulu outside, night night dada, no mama, up peas (please.)

can say almost any word now. or attempt to say any word.

loves to sing. sings ‘twinkle twinkle’ with me almost every night when i tuck her in-even if she is very, very sleepy. another favorite is to sing ‘let it go’ with lulu. she basically just hums until she gets to a few of the main words. ‘hummmm, laaaaa, it GOOO.’

says thank you constantly! if she sees one of us with something she wants she will just start saying thank you over and over. its smart-gets the lady what she wants b/c its so cute!

still obsessed with apple sauce pouches.  ‘apple, apple, APPLE!!!!’

insist on wearing goggles much of the time.


still has stranger anxiety. kicks her little feet and clings to me when someone new looks at her!

draws constantly.

adores lulu . this has not changed. they just get better and better togther. and full on play like they are the same age. its incredible. she runs to her and hugs her if they have been apart. or even if they havent been apart.

sleeping has gotten tons better. sleep pretty consistently until 6:30. but sometimes earlier and sometimes later (wahoo!) i get up most mornings before both girls now. i get to edit, drink coffee, be alone. its lovely. lots of mornings i will hear a hard thump and i know that means H is awake and that lulu has gone in to get her out of her crib.

adding more animals sounds-newest addition is the cockadoodledo!

this etta of ours-she is funny, quirky, serious, lighthearted, loveable, snuggly. she is everything.



Lizzy - September 5, 2015 - 8:30 pm

those goggles! cutie!

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